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Labour plans to cap rent prices

The other day we discussed how the current housing crisis has left a number of people homeless in the UK, especially since average rent prices have been increasing while at the same time the government have been reducing the amount of housing benefits most people receive. This is why head of the opposition party Ed Miliband has recently hit out against the coalition government and outlined his proposals for the future, which include putting a cap on the amount private landlords can charge for […]

Homeless quiz London’s housing committee

Since the introduction of the welfare reforms both social and private landlords have struggled to house an increasing amount of people who have less money than they did a few months ago. As there is such as massive demand for housing rent prices have naturally risen, however due to the welfare reforms most people now have less when it comes to housing benefits, which means that a large number of people are now finding themselves homeless.

Grimsby tenants refusing to pay Bedroom Tax

Millions of people in the UK have been affected by the new bedroom tax, and many are claiming that it is unfair to expect them to pay more or be forced to move away from their friends and family to a smaller property. Now, a number of tenants of the Shoreline Housing Association in Grimsby have refused to pay the bedroom tax, and are therefore facing eviction. One tenant is single mum Deborah Kirk, who has lived in her property for forty six […]

Vince Cable criticises Pub Landlords

Over the past couple of months there have been a number of articles in the news discussing the demise of the traditional English pub, and how hundreds have had to shut down recently due to the fact that their landlords are ‘squeezing them out’. Most of the time, when a tenant begins renting from a pub landlord in the UK, they also enter into a deal which means they can only buy their supplies exclusively from said landlord, which according to reports is leading […]

Landlords looking to new Rent Paying Technologies

Ensuring tenants pay their rent on time every month is extremely important for landlords, and so when they first set up a Tenancy Agreement they usually specify when and how their tenants can pay their rent. Landlords who offer long-term tenancies usually ask for their tenants to pay them each month by direct debit so that they know the money will be deposited in their bank on a certain day each and every month. This knowledge is extremely helpful when planning budgeting and […]

Twenty-Five thousand Northern Irish tenants in Rent Arrears

Many landlords both in the private and social sectors are concerned that the upcoming welfare reforms will lead to more tenants falling into rent arrears. However, it has been reported today that around twenty-five thousand housing executive tenants in Northern Ireland are already in rent arrears, meaning that the landlords and local authorities are already struggling with making sure tenants pay their rent on time.
The Housing Executive has said that it is extremely concerned by the fact that a third of their eighty-eight thousand […]

Rent Prices increased by £8 billion in 2012

We have all heard that the amount it costs to rent private housing in the UK has been increasing, meaning that many tenants are now struggling to pay for basic things such as their rent, heating and food bills. This has caused widespread concern amongst landlords, as it means that it is very likely that at least some of their tenants will eventually fall into rent arrears, and unless a landlord has a landlord insurance policy with rent guarantee insurance included they will have […]

Parents increase rent prices for Children

Rent prices have gone up for most people throughout the UK, with many landlords depending on their landlord insurance providers as a safety net in case their tenants fall into arrears. However, many young people have a different safety net – their parents. But today it has been reported that even parents are increasing the amount of rent they charge their children. Whilst parents aren’t traditional landlords, it seems that the ‘bank of mum and dad’ has also suffered from the poor […]

Housing Group incentivises residents with Rewards Points

The change to the benefit system is becoming increasingly near, and we have discussed in the past few weeks how various social landlords, housing associations, and even private landlords have been preparing themselves for the changes. Many landlords have invested in landlord insurance to protect them, whilst others have started talking with their residents in order to understand what financial situation they are in now and what could happen in the future. One housing association has even come up with the novel idea […]