Category: Housing Maintenance

Civil servant fined over badly maintained property

Property maintenance is a big issue right now, especially as so many people are desperate to find an affordable and suitable property, and so landlords are often called upon to make sure all their properties are up to scratch. However, even those that own their own houses are now coming under fire, such as Gerald Watkins from South Wales who left his property in a rundown state for over four years which caused surrounding houses to depreciate in value by around twenty thousand pounds.

Bristol Landlords warned to sell old Commercial Properties

Yesterday we discussed how commercial property landlords are being urged to lower their rent prices and find new tenants for empty properties on the high street in order to help struggling companies. The demise of the high street has led many companies going into administration, which has led to some commercial landlords becoming extremely cautious of letting their properties out as the risk is now so high.

Westminster Council ensures safety of Private Rented Accommodation

There have been a number of calls recently for there to be stricter regulation when it comes to landlords and letting agents as the amount of people now living in private rented accommodation has increased dramatically. Due to the fact that there is such a huge demand for private rented accommodation, rogue landlords are now letting out properties that are not up to the required standards, and many tenants believe that there is not much they can do about it.
However, Westminster City Council has […]

Landlords are becoming better at providing Energy Efficient housing

The government has placed a lot of emphasis on saving energy in houses as it not only helps the environment but also means that energy bills cost less. And soon they will be introducing the Green Deal that will enable landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by providing free upgrades that are then paid off through electricity bills. If a landlord chooses to take part in the Green Deal, then their homes will be assessed by a registered Green Deal […]