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How the Investigation into Energy Providers will affect Landlords

The UK has an ageing population, and as such the issue of energy prices is often debated by politicians, activists and the general public. It is an unfortunate state of affairs when the older members of the UK population have to choose between having enough to eat and keeping warm during the winter, and recently the winters in the UK have been particularly long.
Energy prices have risen considerably over the years, and many of the ‘Big Six’ providers were criticised last year for upping […]

Government offers £6 billion for renewable heat projects

The government has recently created a number of schemes in order to improve the energy efficiency of properties and lower utility bills for tenants across the country. This is mainly due to the fact that many people are now suffering from what is known as ‘fuel poverty’, meaning that they struggle to pay to keep their houses warm and often have to choose between heating and food during the winter months. Now, the government has revealed that they have earmarked six billion pounds […]

Green Technology Company increases sales to Social Housing sector

Energy efficiency has been a hot topic in both the private and social housing sectors recently due to the fact that many energy companies have recently increased the cost of gas and electricity, leaving many families in the UK struggling to heat their properties. “Fuel poverty” is a massive problem in the UK, and there are concerns that some people are having to choose whether to stay warm or spend money on other necessities such as food or rent.
Many landlords are concerned that their […]