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Is another property boom on the cards?

Many property analysts had high hopes for 2013 in terms of the property market with many predicting a steady recovery. So far what has happened is a rather fast recovery which on the surface seems like a good thing but could we be heading for another property boom?
Rightmove started the year with a prediction of a two per cent increase in property prices. Then in July they changed their prediction to a four per cent increase. Now just two months after their latest change they […]

Lack of Housing is Contributing to Increasing Property Prices

The government has introduced a number of schemes to help first time buyers onto the property ladder and it has been working. The amount of properties being sold is increasing as well as the amount of mortgage applications being approved.
Of course there are always going to be streets with expensive price tags which do make them off limits to the average family. If you are looking to buy a home in London, you will need £2 million or above otherwise you are unlikely to be […]

New Spanish Law for Landlords

Many Britons in recent years who have retired have headed to Spain for a new life as well as those who are investing in a home to rent out to generate some extra income. However the Spanish government have planned to come down hard on unlicensed holiday lets which means those migrating to Spain or hoping to rent out a property there may be completely put off, advisors have warned.

‘Self Builders’ on the Increase

Those who aren’t already on the property ladder and are finding themselves renting have now turned to building their own homes. These are seen as the “generation-rent” becoming a new generation of self builders. There are a few in London who bidding for plots to build their own homes on what used to be some of the temporary sporting venues for the London Olympics. There are sites that could be released very near to where the handball arena used to be.

More and more Tenants are in Arrears

Tenant’s arrears tracker was recently published by LSL Property Services which highlights the rise in the amount of tenants that are currently two or more months behind in their rental payments. Property experts are now warning landlords to be more careful than before and to make sure they are protected again rent arrears. Traditional landlord insurance won’t cover this so extra cover needs to be taken, especially during this uncertain time for many people.

Property prices in Ireland see a fall in 2012

Despite housing prices rising at their fastest pace in more than six years in November, property prices in Ireland fell slightly towards the end of last year.
Official figures released today by the Central Statistics Office showed a 0.5% drop in December across the country, leading to an overall decrease of 4.5% over the course of 2012.
Comparatively, in the twelve months leading up to December 2011 figures showed an annual slump of 16.7%.
Looking at Dublin specifically, residential property prices fell by 1.3% in December which is […]

Homes, Chimneys & Santa

In the run up to Christmas Rightmove have conducted a survey on how many homes have chimneys and if not how Father Christmas will be delivering the presents on Christmas Eve. The research revealed that four in ten homes actually don’t have a chimney.
They asked 1230 people who own a home and out of these who had a chimney still said that Father Christmas wouldn’t be visiting them through the chimney. This is because the fire places were gas, too small or boarded up. This […]

Quick solution to nightmare tenants offered by new website

A team of lawyers are offering property investors a quick and easy option to get rid of troublesome tenants at cut price expense.
It can be a long and tortuous process for any landlord to get rid of a tenant who is causing trouble and it often impacts on their landlord insurance policy, however, help may now be at hand. Moore Blatch are recognised as experts in repossession law and now they are offering landlords an online service to free themselves of nightmare tenants. The website […]

Landlords unhappy with council’s new tough stance

The local authority of a Lancashire seaside resort is on a mission to root out rogue landlords and hit them hard.
Blackpool Council believe they have more than their fair share of landlords giving their tenants a bad deal and are determined to force private landlords into upgrading their properties. However, not everyone is happy with the council’s tough stance including some landlords who claim the Selective Licensing Scheme, which costs them around £1,000 per property, is nothing more than a bid to raise cash. The […]

NLA event arranged for landlords in Eastbourne

Property investors in a south coast town are being invited to a seminar to help them adjust to the ever changing market in student tenancies.
The event is aimed at property owners holding landlord insurance interests and will target those that provide accommodation to university students. The event will be held in Eastbourne, Sussex which is a popular place of residency for students attending nearby Brighton University, and the National Landlords Association (NLA) which is putting on the event has invited Sabina Wagner, the deputy head […]