Homes, Chimneys & Santa

In the run up to Christmas Rightmove have conducted a survey on how many homes have chimneys and if not how Father Christmas will be delivering the presents on Christmas Eve. The research revealed that four in ten homes actually don’t have a chimney.

They asked 1230 people who own a home and out of these who had a chimney still said that Father Christmas wouldn’t be visiting them through the chimney. This is because the fire places were gas, too small or boarded up. This applied to 70% of those who had a chimney.

Those home owners those who had young children and no fire place had many different ways of explaining to their confused children how the presents were going to be delivered. 69 per cent would explain that he would be using a magic key where as another 13 per cent said they just wait up to let him in. If this is the case, you had better make sure you landlord insurance is up to date just in case he breaks anything!

Miles Shipside is the director at Rightmove and he has said, “AS the UK housing stock has changed over the years it must be getting harder and harder for Santa to deliver his Christmas gifts. The surge in new flats and modernisation of older houses means the proportion of people benefiting from the traditional chimney is on the decline. But where there is a will there is a way.”

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