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Movement in Scottish Property Market

Data that has been revealed by Registers Scotland shows that the amount of sales in Scotland has leapt by 8.1% between the months of April and June. Not only are sales increasing so is the value of the properties being sold in some areas. This is due to the increased demand from buyers.
According to the data the biggest increase was seen in East Renfrewshire which is an affluent area with properties now selling for £211,899. Having said this, the average price for properties in Scotland […]

Letting in the City

You would think that properties in central London would be flying off the market as soon as they became available to let. Unfortunately for one property opposite the Natural History Museum this wasn’t the case. In this area properties usually go for around £3000 a week however one property couldn’t even find tenants that were willing to pay 25% of this price.
Marc Von Grundherr from Benham and Reeves has said, “Tenants simply hated it and the £700 a week rent achieved reflected it. It had […]

Luton Borough Council Stops Demolition to House the Homeless

Luton Borough Council has called off plans to demolish a block of flats based in Luton so that they can be used as accommodation for people and families who are homeless.
The Purley Centre block of flats, which now houses 57 families, was built in the 1960s.
Luton is an area which faces a huge housing problem with high levels of homelessness. Another 40 families were recently being accommodated in a hotel which costs the council £50,000 a month.

Property prices in Ireland see a fall in 2012

Despite housing prices rising at their fastest pace in more than six years in November, property prices in Ireland fell slightly towards the end of last year.
Official figures released today by the Central Statistics Office showed a 0.5% drop in December across the country, leading to an overall decrease of 4.5% over the course of 2012.
Comparatively, in the twelve months leading up to December 2011 figures showed an annual slump of 16.7%.
Looking at Dublin specifically, residential property prices fell by 1.3% in December which is […]

Quick solution to nightmare tenants offered by new website

A team of lawyers are offering property investors a quick and easy option to get rid of troublesome tenants at cut price expense.
It can be a long and tortuous process for any landlord to get rid of a tenant who is causing trouble and it often impacts on their landlord insurance policy, however, help may now be at hand. Moore Blatch are recognised as experts in repossession law and now they are offering landlords an online service to free themselves of nightmare tenants. The website […]

Percentage of landlords owning their properties outright continues to grow

Although analysts of the London property scene believe rents have reached their peak in central parts of the capital, evidence that investors are still looking to purchase property insurance on homes they intend to rent out is plentiful.
A report by Business Development Research Consultants, Continental (BDRC), shows that the number of landlords who own their properties outright is growing by 10% according to BDRC Director Mark Long. He emphasised the point when speaking at the industry sponsored Mortgage Event. A survey by BDRC found that […]

Landlord organisation to put on Expo in March 2013

Property investors with an interest in landlord insurance and living in the East Midlands have an opportunity to meet like minded people at an event put on by East Midland Property Owners Limited (EMPO).
The EMPO Expo will take place at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham on the 19th March 2013 and organisers are expecting a bumper turn out. The event is aimed at all aspects of the letting industry and the organiser’s specific aim is to bring about improvements to the private rental […]

Landlord organisation enjoys an upsurge in membership

The increasing number of property investors buying landlord insurance policies has been reflected in the swelling membership of the South West Landlords Association (SWLA).
For the first time ever, membership of the SWLA has passed 600 and with 73 new members signing up in 2013, a rise of 12% and dozens more with pending applications, the organisation has never been in better stead. A big difference has been made by the SWLA offering accreditation training courses which have proved popular with landlords and local councils including […]

Local councils in the capital admit to sending some families miles away

London councils are having no choice but to send thousands of families out of their homes as the housing crisis deepens and some will be offered private homes as far away as Wales. They are getting ready for April’s benefits cuts when many tenants will be priced out of the private rental market in London.
A report predicts that 125,000 London households will be hit when the new rule puts a cap of £26,000 on benefits from any one household. The report found that many councils […]

Student landlords battle to fill vacancies in London

The seemingly inexorable increase in investment directed at building projects designed for student accommodation has left some landlords in London battling to find tenants.
For many years property investors taking out landlord insurance for student lets were looked upon with a certain amount of disdain by many in the business but things started to gradually change and today professional landlords see students as a good investment. So much so that in 2009 investment in new homes aimed for student accommodation stood at £350 million, in the […]