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Housing Association defends second Rent Increase

The cost of rented accommodation is something that a large amount of the population is now concerned over, especially as so many now rent their homes instead of own them. However, at the same time the cost of living has increased which means that both private and social landlords have had to increase their rent prices, which proved an unpopular decision amongst tenants.
It seems as though the rented housing sector is balancing on a knife’s edge as landlords try to make a living whilst […]

Westminster City Council homing Families in three and four star Hotels

The housing crises is not only putting pressure on social and private sector landlords, but also local councils, especially in London where the amount of those looking for houses is more than anywhere else throughout the UK. Furthermore, the increase in rent prices and the cap on housing benefits has led to many struggling to pay their rent, meaning more landlords are having to rely on their landlord insurance or choose to evict their tenants.
Therefore it has come to a shock to many that the […]

Private Landlords urged to re-enter Social Housing Sector

Private landlords have recently decreased the amount of social housing they provide due to the fact that they think it is too risky, especially as new welfare reforms are soon coming into effect which means that housing benefits will no longer be paid directly to them. Even though some landlords have protected themselves against the new welfare reforms by investing in landlord insurance with a rent guarantee policy, there is still a large amount that is unwilling to help. Social housing providers are […]

Scottish Housing Association talks to tenants about future Investments

Yesterday we published an article discussing how housing associations across the UK are planning on working with their tenants in order to improve quality of life, such as Coastline Housing in Cornwall who is making sure that their buildings are well ventilated in order to prevent health issues such as eczema and asthma. Now, River Clyde Homes in Scotland is planning on holding a meeting so that all their tenants can put forward their concerns about rent increases and what they would like to […]

Social Housing to help improve the Health of their Tenants

Housing associations have recently been discussing how their services should not just focus on housing those in need, but also helping them in everyday life in order to improve their lifestyles in general for both now and in the future. One housing association, Coastline Housing, has recently discussed how working with medical researchers could actually improve the lives of many tenants, and even reduce the amount of pressure on the National Health Service.
In an article for The Guardian, head of technical services at Coastline […]

Landlord’s home Ransacked by Social Housing Tenants

Landlords have recently become concerned about renting their properties out as social housing, especially as in the upcoming months the way that housing benefits are paid is changing so that the money will no longer go directly to the landlord, but to the tenant who will then have to pay the landlord themselves. Meanwhile, the government is urging landlords to consider entering the social housing market, however many are wary about the consequences of renting out their properties to the most vulnerable of families. […]

Housing Associations urged to help with Child Poverty

There have been many discussions recently on how poor economic growth and new welfare reforms will affect the social housing sector, especially how the new Universal Credit scheme will change the way landlords, tenants, and landlord insurance providers work together. However, one housing agency has said that housing associations need to do more in the face of an uncertain future, especially when it comes to tenants that have children whom are experiencing poverty.
Dr Caroline Wolhuter is the research manager for Ashram Housing Association and […]