Tenant Survey Suggests Private Sector Landlords are doing a Good Job

A survey conducted by a leading landlord organisation suggests that landlords and tenants in the UK are “getting on” better than ever before.

The very first Quarterly Tenants Index (QTI) survey was completed by the National Landlords Association (NLA) earlier this year and the results should be pleasing to landlords and tenants alike. In all over 2000 people who live in property covered by landlord insurance quotes were questioned, and a resounding 4 out of 5 said they were happy with their landlord. The survey also managed to dispel the myth of the absent landlord to a certain degree, because over three quarters of the tenants confirmed they had met their present property owner.

Figures gleaned from the survey suggest the average rent paid by tenants is slightly less than £750 per calendar month, which once again can only be classed as good news for property investors. The level of satisfaction with tenants in private rental accommodation can often be measured by the amount of time they stay in one place and from this angle the survey results do appear positive, with 46% confirming they have been in their present home for over 4 years with another 24% having been in situ between 2-4 years.

David Salusbury, the Chief Executive of the NLA, expressed satisfaction with the first QTI, and said “Tenants have high expectations of their rental experience and so I’m delighted to report that the majority are satisfied with their landlords. There are many landlords who take great professional strides to ensure they are doing the best by their tenants – it’s good to see their efforts come to fruition. The research shows that most (63%) landlords have not increased their rents in the last 12 months. With the cost of living increasing for everyone in the UK, it’s encouraging that many landlords are not seeking to impose an additional financial burden onto their tenants.”

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