Landlord Insurance Quote

Without adequate protection, one simple incident, such as a fire or flood, could have a devastating impact on you and your expensive investment property. Getting a Landlord Insurance Quote which can include specialist buildings and contents insurance will help protect the property and make sure you will not lose out if your property or its contents are damaged.

As a landlord, you also have other unwelcome events to think about. These include disputes over rent and something out of the blue like a personal injury claim by a tenant is a real possibility. PropertyQuoteDirect can help find a tailored landlord insurance quote which will give protection and prevent unnecessary loss.

What sort of quote should I look for?

Some of the things to consider when looking at insurance to cover your rented property can be liability insurance. If a tenant or a visitor to the tenant injures themselves and the fault is proven to relate to the building or contents of the property, then you will be liable. Landlords need to protect themselves against any claims made against them.

Having landlord liability Insurance will protect you in this event. Loss of rent cover will provide help should you be unable to let the property due to an insured loss and landlord contents insurance is helpful when an item needs replacing. Landlord’s legal expenses cover is intended to be used to provide cover to pursue any rent arrears, to evict a tenant or occupants unlawfully residing your property.

Letting a property presents a unique set of challenges and at PropertyQuoteDirect we understand this, our history in insurance allows us to find the best, most competitive insurance quote which will match your exact needs. Whether you are covering just the building or your belongings inside, as a landlord you will be concerned with getting the right cover for your property or properties. That’s why we ensure every policy includes the essentials with the option to increase cover limits or add on extra cover to suit your individual needs. We will never include anything you did not ask for or do not need.

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