Landlord Protection Insurance

Landlord insurance is becoming more and more important to a lot of people. The number of landlords throughout the UK has increased dramatically over the last ten years and looks set to increase further in the near future. Today is a good time to be a landlord.

Whether you are a professional landlord with a whole portfolio of properties or a landlord with just one property who views it has their retirement pension plan, it is vital that you protect your investment.

How do I get Landlord Protection Insurance?

Property Quote Direct can guide you through the complete process of protecting your landlord business and get you landlord protection insurance that will provide you with peace of mind for many years to come. Many people view landlords as people with a bit of spare cash who decide to invest in property and get a tenant to pay off their mortgage for them. A few years down the line they then cash in their property and retire to the sun. If only things were that simple!

Here at Property Quote Direct we are aware of just how hard landlords work to get their business on a sound footing. We realise that you have to meet lots of legal requirements regarding health and safety issues. We know you have to tread softly and in the right places to meet the licensing obligations of local councils, we know you have a duty of care to your tenants and anyone who visits your property. We know you are busy people and we are here to help.

That is why we have developed our website quotation form, one visit to us and your property is protected. It’s as simple as filling out the form, letting our search engine scour the numerous online landlord insurance providers and, hey presto! The best deal you can get to meet your exact requirements will be in front of your eyes within minutes. No brokers fees, no hunting through the yellow pages or endless phone calls. Just one form, a couple of minutes and it’s done.

Get a FREE quote on 0800 515 381 or buy your Landlord Protection Insurance online today!