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Families will be renting for at Least the Next Decade

A Cambridge University study has shown that there are millions of young families who are living in an era where renting is the norm. It also shows that there are a growing number of parents who are unable to buy their own property. Price increases are blocking home ownership and this trend is expected to last until at least 2022.
This is good news for property owners who have houses that they protect with buy-to-let property insurance. The future also looks bright for landlords because if […]

Back to Black for Landlords in the UK

Property investors have been told to expect further years of profit by no less than a royal institution as mortgages remain out of the reach of many aspiring home owners.
Although April’s small rise in rental achievements was the first rise for several months, landlords looking to buy property insurance on further properties have no need to worry according to a report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). A noticeable drop in rents since the turn of the year had made many industry observers […]

NLA Fear Housing Benefit Tenants May Be Left With Nowhere To Go

Research from the NLA (National Landlords Association) claims that 54% of private landlords can no longer afford to rent a home to tenants who are in receipt of housing benefit. Due to the cuts to allowances, 70% claim they will not have any housing benefit tenants living in their properties that are covered with buy to let property insurance by 2015.
The research also showed that half of the landlords questioned believe Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cuts are making it unaffordable for them to rent to […]

Clean Up Operation Welcomed by Tenants

Bromley Council along with other key members of the Safer Bromley Partnership removed eight tonnes of rubbish in one day from the Groves Estate in Penge. Fence panels, fridges, doors and rubble were just a few of the items removed during the clean-up campaign.
The council were joined by the safer neighbourhood team and housing association Affinity Sutton, who helped out by removing two and a half tons of rubbish and painting over six square metres of graffiti from the estate. The London Probation Service also […]

Housing Chiefs to Work with Tenants who are in Arrears

Bosses at Chorley Community Housing (CCH) say they are about to take a much stronger approach to collecting rent. The organisation that manages the town’s former council houses have just announced it is owed over £400,000 in rent arrears.
Housing chiefs have released data which shows that around half of the 1,500 tenants who live in their properties which are protected with buy to let insurance are now in arrears. A Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery Team has been set up and their remit will be […]

Developer to Transform Church Site into Flats

Local property investor Philip Oram has won permission to build a multi-million pound seven storey building opposite Bournemouth’s BIC (Bournemouth International Centre). The Dakota Building will have forty-five one bedroom flats and forty-five holidays lets.
The development will be built on the site of a former church which will soon be demolished to make room. Work is due to start before the end of the year and Mr Oram is confident that it will be completed by the end of 2013. The project is just part […]

Landlords Asked to Encourage Older Tenants to Take Part in Silver Surfers’ Campaign

Landlords across the UK are being urged to take part in the United Kingdom’s largest digital campaign. The Government have backed the ‘Spring Online with Silver Surfers’ Day’ which hopes to give older and less confident people a taste of computers and the internet and how they can make life easier.
It is thought that over seven million older people in the United Kingdom have never even used the internet. The campaign has been going a number of years and has so far helped around 150,000 […]

Landlords Taking up the Mortgage Slack

Buy-to-let mortgage providers and landlord insurance brokers are experiencing record levels of interest in their products as property investors continue to pour into the housing market.
Figures from a report by Paragon mortgages show that mortgage brokers allied to their products saw an increase in buy-to-let mortgages of over 35%, while brokers across the UK now say that 1 in 4 mortgages are taken out by prospective landlords. The figures show a remarkable change in the demographic of people taking out mortgages in the UK and […]