Category: Landlords

Shropshire letting agent criticises Immigration Bill

So far there have been numerous landlord and letting agent associations that have criticised the new Immigration Bill which states that it will now be a landlords’ responsibility to make sure all their tenants are in the UK legally. Many have had concerns over how the plan will work, and others are saying that it is unfair for the government to make landlords spend their own time and money doing a job that they believe is the government’s responsibility.

Sunderland Council introduces Landlord Accreditation Scheme

There is an on-going debate as to whether all landlords throughout the UK should be made to join an accreditation scheme due to the fact that so many people are now relying on private rented accommodation in order to provide them a home. Due to the housing crisis, many rogue landlords are now letting out unsuitable properties to tenants who are too scared to complain due to the fact that they think they will be evicted and will have nowhere else to go.