New homes in the pipeline for former Coal Board estate

Fresh plans to build almost one hundred new homes on an old mining estate have been submitted, and are just the first part of what is seen as a long term regeneration project for the area.

The developers are the Compendium Group and they hope to build the new properties on the Coalville estate in Weston Coyney, they have assured local villagers that there will also be a number of affordable houses built as part of the plan. A number of new homes have already been built in the area over the last 4 years and if the Compendium scheme gets the go ahead their properties would increase the number of new homes on the estate to over 450.

Chairman of the Coalville Residents’ Association, Ernie Clarke, has lived on the ex-National Coal Board housing estate for 56 years. The 63-year-old said “Having new homes is great news for all concerned. It’s going to be brilliant. This area once had a bad reputation but with the new homes that are being built and the money that is being invested it really has become an area which is on the up.”

It is thought some of the new properties will be bought by private landlords who will then cover the homes with landlord insurance and rent them out to local people. Residents are delighted to see so many nice new homes brightening up the estate and welcome the new plans as this can only benefit the area. Compendium are jointly owned by Lovell Partnerships and Riverside Group. Lovell has for a long time been one of the country’s biggest providers of social housing and Riverside housing is the third biggest registered social landlord. The houses will be made up of two, three and four bedroom homes.

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