Scotland now has highest Population ever

The results from the 2011 Scottish National Census have shown that the population of the country is at its highest ever. On census day (27th March 2011), the population of Scotland was recorded as 5,295,000, which is a five per cent increase since 2001, and the highest rise in population between two Scottish censuses in the past century.

The figures were released in terms of the amount of population in general as well as divided into sex and age brackets. For example, the Scottish public is now made up of 2,728,000 women and 2,567,000 men, whilst the number of people aged over sixty five in Scotland has risen by eighty five thousand (eleven per cent) since 2001. Furthermore, for the first time ever the number of people over sixty five in Scotland is higher than the amount of the population that is under fifteen, meaning that the over sixty fives now make up seventeen per cent of the whole country.

The results show that Scotland has an ageing population, especially as the number of children that are between five and fourteen has decreased by 69,000 (eleven per cent), whilst those that are over eighty has increased from 193,000 in 2001, to 230,000. Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop has commented on the results stating that, “In common with every mature economy, we have an aging population, but these figures also show that the under-fives population is up by 6% compared with 2001.”

The census has also shown that there is a huge difference in population density across the country, with cities like Glasgow having over three thousand people per square metre, whereas the Highlands only has nine. Audrey Robertson , Acting Registrar General, said “these first results from the Census confirm the upward trend in the size of Scotland’s population in recent years. At 5,295,000, the population is now the highest ever recorded. This is partly because there have been more births than deaths, but mainly because more people have moved to Scotland than left.”

This increase in migration to Scotland will mean that those that own property in busy cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh will be benefiting from an increasing demand for housing. It is important for those that want to take advantage of the increase in population to make sure their properties are up to scratch and are covered by adequate landlords insurance.

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