Making sure your Tax Affairs are in Order

Image of Tax ReturnNo-one likes paying taxes, however it is something that we all have to do. Over the past few months PropertyQuoteDirect has written numerous articles concerning landlords and tax, as by paying the wrong amount you could end up with a fine or even facing prosecution. On the other hand, you could actually be paying too much tax, especially if you are not declaring certain deductibles such as letting agent fees and landlord insurance. So how can landlords make sure that their tax affairs are in order? Here, PropertyQuoteDirect provides some top tips: (more…)

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PropertyQuoteDirect November CompetitionHere at PropertyQuoteDirect we have definitely noticed the temperature dropping recently, which is why we have started snuggling up in our coats, gloves and woolly hats. However, wearing multiple layers at home is not very comfortable, which is why in this month’s competition we are giving away a bundle of winter warmers! (more…)

Top Tips for Preparing your Properties for Winter

Image of house in winterDuring the coldest months of the year temperatures can reach lows of -10⁰C at night in some parts on the UK, so it’s no wonder why you need to spend more time looking after your home during winter. As you increase the heat inside your home and cosy up in front of a warm fire you must not forget to think about other parts of your home and the potential damage that could be caused. In a previous blog we spoke about how landlords can help tenants save money, and by preparing them for winter you could end up saving both you and them hundreds of pounds… (more…)

Landlords and the new Anti-Social Behaviour Act

Image of policeAnti-social tenants can be a complete nightmare for landlords as not only do they cause issues in your properties but can also disrupt your business. Unfortunately, as a landlord you are somewhat responsible for your tenants’ behaviour, which means if they are upsetting those that live near them you will be expected to step in and help resolve the situation. However, this isn’t always easy due to the fact that tenants have certain rights and previously even if they were given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) nothing really changed.

However, this week the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into effect in order to tackle the issue of both rogue tenants and those that are a nuisance to society. Many people have already welcomed this new order, but what does it mean for landlords? PropertyQuoteDirect investigates… (more…)

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With the nights drawing in it’s becoming extremely tempting to stay indoors and sit in front of the TV, and who can blame you! Here at PropertyQuoteDirect we love a good night in, however there is one thing that will always make it that much better – a bundle of snacks! (more…)

The new ‘Refurbish-to-Let’ trend sweeping the UK

Image of abandoned houseThis week it was announced that if the Bank of England’s new proposals go forward landlords may soon have to come up with forty per cent deposits in order to be given buy to let mortgages. Landlords are already struggling to expand their property portfolios due to the rising cost of property and if the Bank of England’s plans go ahead they could make matters worse.

This is why so many landlords are taking part in a new trend: ‘refurbish-to-let’. The idea is pretty simple: buy a rundown yet affordable property, refurbish it, and then let it out when it is in a better condition. However, before you rush out and start buying rundown properties you need to know what refurbish-to-let really consists of: (more…)

Should Landlords have Performance Reviews?

Image of ChecklistOver the past few years a number of tenant groups have claimed that the private rental sector needs to be better regulated in order to tackle the issue of rogue landlords. However, it’s not just rogue landlords that tenant groups want more help managing, but also landlords who do not take their responsibilities seriously but are not bad enough to be considered ‘rogue’. In order to decipher whether landlords are looking after their tenants properly they need to be properly reviewed, but is this possible? (more…)

What does an Independent Scotland mean for Property Markets?

Image of Scottish FlagNo matter where you go this week you will hear people talking about the Scottish referendum, and next Thursday the people of Scotland will decide whether to stay within the UK. At the moment figures are showing a predominantly fifty-fifty split between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ votes although they have been fluctuating over the past few days. As there is no getting away from the Scottish referendum PropertyQuoteDirect has decided it would only be right to report on what could happen to the property markets both in the UK and Scotland should they become independent: (more…)

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PQD-September-Competition-TwitterNow the kids have gone back to school it’s tempting to start thinking about winter, however the truth is we still have a few good weeks of weather left! This is why PropertyQuoteDirect has decided to give away a Marks and Spencer picnic rug and jug so you can make the most of the last few rays of sunshine.


How can Landlords help Tenants save money?

Image of moneyThe above question may strike some landlords as a bit strange, as generally it is not their job to help tenants save money. However, as the property and private rental markets are currently so unstable, working with your tenants could actually help improve your business and secure your income. At the end of the day, if your tenant falls into rent arrears then you are going to take a cut to your earnings and may even have to start the eviction process, which is why it is better for everyone if your tenants are financially secure. So here we explore how landlords can help their tenants save money: (more…)