The Friday Five – Top Five Garden Accessories

In the current economic climate it is hard to attract new tenants who are willing to pay a little more for a property. However, if you have a few handy objects in the garden that can add to the attraction of renting your property, this can only be a good investment. We have come up with our favourite practical items to help increase your property’s appeal. For the larger items, do tell your landlord insurance provider to make sure they are covered in the event of an emergency.

1. Barbecue


No garden is complete without a barbeque although tenants are less likely to purchase one of these themselves if they have only signed a tenancy for a year. These are a great social item and will appeal to young professionals and families. Barbecues can come in a range of sizes and prices, so make sure you don’t buy an over the top, expensive one as it will probably be used by many different tenants and is vulnerable to wear and tear.

2. Outdoor Heater


In Britain we like to sit outside at the first glimpse of sun, whether it is still cold or not. An outdoor heater would be a perfect addition to the garden and an asset that tenants will treasure. If the garden is big enough then maybe consider having a couple of heaters but if not one is sufficient.

3. Fire Pit


In the autumn months there is nothing better than sitting around a nice warm fire outside. A great looking way of doing this within your rental property is to have a fire pit. Usually it is in the centre of a seating area close to the house. This will ensure that tenants feel like they are getting as much as possible out of the property as they will be able to use the garden virtually all year round.

4. Shed


Sheds are a great addition to the house and can be used as a great storage place. If you are a letting a one or two bedroom house to a family then storage is often a problem. As long as the shed is well built and not likely to fall down then this is an excellent solution. It also means you can add a few extra items for your own benefit such as gardening tools and a lawnmower. If the tools are already provided then the tenant is more inclined to take care of the garden a little better.

5. Hammock

This is more of a fun item. Hammocks can brighten up a garden and when put in the right place can be very relaxing. With young children around they can get damaged easily so either buy a very durable one or an inexpensive one that can be used just as a novelty item.

No matter which objects you choose to place in your garden, all of these are sure to appeal to potential tenants and could increase the chance of them paying a little more each month in rent.

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