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The Friday Five – Worst Neighbourhoods on TV

This week our Friday Five is all about the worst fictional neighbourhoods. Let’s count ourselves lucky that the following isn’t real!
1. Chatsworth Estate
Home to the Gallagher and Maguire families, the seemingly derelict appearance of this council estate is enough to deter house hunters even if the neighbours haven’t made an appearance yet. Chatsworth seems to have seen it all when it comes to criminal and questionable activity.
Theft, gun crime, drugs, alcohol abuse, unplanned teenage pregnancies, brothels and conflicted men of the cloth have all passed […]

Top five movie mansions

This week on Friday Five…
This week it’s Movie Mansions. The list below features some wonderful properties that most of us could only ever dream of owning. Let us know what your favourite is by leaving a comment below.
1. Hogwarts Castle
It has ‘castle’ in the name but it’s been a home to hundreds of witches and wizards, dark lords, basilisks, trolls etc. Multiple buildings across the UK were used to film interior and exterior scenes, as well as in Leavesden Film Studios, to piece together the […]

Introducing the Friday Five

This Friday we’re launching a new interactive blog feature, and we would love all of you to get involved. Every week we’re going to run a Friday Five. This is where we will list our five favourite properties within a set topic.
At PQD, not only do we love landlord insurance, but we can’t get enough of the properties themselves either! We keep our ear to the ground 24/7 to bring you the latest from the property-sphere, and every Friday we feel it’s time to relax […]