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Top five movie mansions

This week on Friday Five…
This week it’s Movie Mansions. The list below features some wonderful properties that most of us could only ever dream of owning. Let us know what your favourite is by leaving a comment below.
1. Hogwarts Castle
It has ‘castle’ in the name but it’s been a home to hundreds of witches and wizards, dark lords, basilisks, trolls etc. Multiple buildings across the UK were used to film interior and exterior scenes, as well as in Leavesden Film Studios, to piece together the […]

Don’t fall victim to the bathroom blues

Look at your property from a tenants point of view
Being the centre of hygiene, it is important that the bathroom is kept in a good, clean condition. When putting your property up for rent, in order to have confidence that it will appeal to those interested, look at each room and think “Would I be able to live with this?” The chances are if you couldn’t, prospective tenants certainly wont.
Common Problems
Landlord insurance policies are necessary in order to protect yourself from any unforeseen problems related […]

A quick guide for landlords converting houses into flats

Maximise on profits by converting your multi story property into flats
Many landlords looking to make the most out of the rental market will have a portfolio of properties, which can provide a great amount of regular income. However this involves having to keep track of multiple houses in a variety of areas which can use up valuable time. One way to keep the number of individual properties down but still maintain a large portfolio of different tenants is to convert conventional homes into flats.
Financial benefits
Taking […]

Top property locations in Central and Greater London

What makes these London locations so desirable to renters?
I came across an interesting article today that discussed the best locations to invest in London in 2012, and the list was a rather surprising one.
Property prices in London have been rising and they are expected to keep increasing over the next few years, especially with the Olympics coming to town in the summer which, as we know, will result in rents rocketing, but prices to buy in London will also be effected, which could in turn […]

Quality garden furniture can boost rental take up

Start attracting tenants at the higher end of the market
Quality garden furniture will boost rental take up – landlords looking to attract tenants at the higher end of the market often have to go the extra mile when equipping their properties out. Sometimes the outside space as well as the inside has to be considered.
Long summer days
Summer is coming soon and we will be spending more time outdoors. Whether you are having a BBQ party in your back garden or enjoying a morning coffee on […]

How to maintain a brick home

Any residential landlord should know the value of maintaining an attractive exterior to their property. It is a well known fact that kerb appeal applies equally to tenants as it does to homeowners. A landlord should strive to keep his property looking attractive by inspecting it regularly, and by covering the shell of the building in his residential landlord insurance he will be sure upkeep is always possible.
As hard as bricks
Brick is one of the most durable of all the products that can be used […]

Change over time for holiday lets

Add value to your second home ready for holiday seekers
For all those who remembered to say white rabbits this morning then spring has indeed got off to a very good start. No-one is quite sure where the tradition started but many people across the world utter the words when they arise on March 1st. It is considered by many to assure good luck for the remainder of the year. For many landlords across the UK, March 1st is also the day they have to consider […]

Damaged drywall can be easily fixed

Everyone will know how easy it is to accidentally put a hole in drywall; it could be from a door handle, maybe something falling over, or even from children playing. Happily drywall is fairly easy to fix, especially if it is a small hole, It is something that even a novice DIY person can tackle and save paying for a tradesman. If the hole is quite big i.e. anything bigger than 12 inches, it is probably better to replace the whole sheet of drywall rather […]

Easy ways to achieve a smaller footprint

Each person can do many things to slow down the effects of global warming. This collective impact of many people all working together will make a difference. There are simple ways to save energy. For example cutting down on waste and buying energy efficient products can help preserve the planet from further warming.
Recycle as much as possible. At the moment there is too much consumer waste ending up in landfills that could be reused. Most of us are now recycling plastic, glass, paper and cans, […]

Don’t allow water damage in your property to escalate

Mould growth, surface bubbling & plaster damage
Having water damage to the plaster in the home can look very unsightly. Not to mention that once the plaster gets wet there will be an increased potential for mould problems in the future. Repairing the plaster that has been damaged can be easy if the correct materials are used. The cost of this depends on the size of the damaged area but normally the job will not be too expensive.
When the plaster gets wet the water will activate […]