Friday Five: Must Have Home Gadgets

This week for our Friday Five we have chosen our favourite gadgets for the home. After looking around we were amazed at just how many weird and wonderful gadgets there are for just about anything you can think of doing in the home. We are going to start at five and work up to our favourite at number one. If you’re a landlord generous enough to provide tenants with the following, then it will be worth checking whether your landlord insurance policy will cover any contents as it would be a shame for such objects as these to not be replaced in the event of damage or theft.

5. Robotic Pool Skimmer


For those among us who are lucky enough to have a pool within their home, they will know of the hassle of clearing out the debris before using it. Even those who don’t, know how annoying it is swimming with some bugs and leaves on holiday! Well we have discovered the world’s first solar powered pool skimmer. It navigates itself around the pool collecting, grass, insects and leaves. This not only reduces the inconvenience of getting the net out but it also relieves some of the pressure on the pool pumps.

4. Rapid Drink Chiller


Ever turned up to a party where the drinks aren’t quite cool enough yet? Well now there is a gadget that will make you the perfect host. All it takes is 1 minute to chill a drink meaning your guests won’t get irritable and eat all your food while waiting for their drink. All you have to do is add some ice and cold water to the gadget and away you go.

3. Oregon Mirror Weather Station


Number three on our list is the mirror weather station. In the British weather it can be very hard when deciding on what to wear for the day. Many of us find ourselves searching for the remote control to hear what the weather will be like for the day. Well now this is a thing of the past. There is a gadget that will tell you the weather without having to put any effort in what so ever. The forecast for the day is displayed on the mirror and shows indoors and outside temperatures. Although we don’t know how accurate it is, as it is made by Oregon we are pretty certain it will be of good quality.

2. Electric Cork Screw


There is nothing more annoying than looking forward to a glass of wine in the evening, opening the bottle and the cork snapping in half or falling into your drink. Drinking wine through gritted teeth so not to get any cork is not enjoyable by anyone’s standards. We have found a gadget that will help get the cork out in one piece and with very little effort at all, perfect! The electric corkscrew removes all types of corks, plastic, regular and rubber and is rechargeable. Not only is it great to use, it looks good too. There are many to choose from so get shopping and never have any cork mishaps again.

1. Bath Caddy


On my search for the best gadget I came across this and knew that nothing could beat it! The bath is the perfect place for some relaxation and “me time.” If you love soaking in the bath then this gadget is perfect. It is a bath tray that hooks over the sides of the bath and has different sections: one for a candle, a holder for your book and two glass holders. All of these are detachable and there are built in compartments that mean even the rubber duck has a place to sit! There is one down side to this gadget though; it has two arms to hook over the sides of the bath which means it only works properly on free standing baths.

What’s your favourite modern gadget for the home?

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