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KeyCare Insurance – The Benefits:

• Up to 35% of keys are recovered
• No excess to pay at point of claim
• Protects No Claims Record on car / home insurance policy
• Any keys attached to the fob are covered, including Infra-Red remote
• Personal security is never compromised
• Available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
• Complete peace of mind
• Unlimited claims up to £1,500 per fob in aggregate
• Saving of £8 or 25% for 1 fob policy (£23.99 compared to Keycare @ £32)

KeyCare Insurance – Customer Objections

• I’m already covered through my car / house insurance
• For all your keys including car / home, caravans and bike?
• For recovery, assistance and insurance?
• Please check your existing policy as it is unlikely that it is like for like cover
• Subject to an excess (up to £250) with car / household insurance provider
• It will affect your NCD
• My friends/family has spare keys
• What would you do if they were on holiday?
• How would you arrange for an approved locksmith to assist you?
• Do you have a spare £1,500 + to replace ALL your keys and replace your locks today if they were stolen?

KeyCare Insurance – The Product

• Key Recovery
• Up to 35% of keys attached to a Bedford Insurance key fob are reunited with their owners
• £10 reward paid to finder
• Total confidentiality
• Key Assistance
• Emergency helpline – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• One call to Keycare and the situation is resolved (full incident management)
• Access to nationwide locksmiths and car hire – direct billing basis – never part with money

KeyCare Insurance – Key Protection

• Replacement keys, locks and locksmiths charges up to £1,500 per annum
• Car hire for up to 3 days limited to £40 per day when stranded due to loss or theft of keys
• Call out up to £1,500 for locksmiths charges if keys are locked in your home or car
• Cover is also provided for the cost of opening safes, onward transport costs up to £80 per claim, reprogramming immobilisers and alarms


Cover is only valid where a Bedford Insurance key fob is attached to the keys

Bedford Keycare


How the Service Works:


• Customer calls to report lost keys
• Clarify that keys were attached to key fob
• Checks details of the lost keys, i.e. how many keys attached, does the customer have spares etc.
• Advise customer of 3-day waiting period before they can claim.
• Advise customer to call back if keys not found within 3 day period


• Customer calls to report keys stolen
• Obtain crime reference number from the Police
• Clarify that keys were attached to fob
• Advise customer that keys are covered immediately due to theft
• Complete statement of fact via telephone
• Advise member of an approved locksmith who will make contact within 2 hours


• Finder calls to report found keys
• Check where keys were found and where they will be kept
(hold themselves or hand to police)
• Finder receives £10 reward if the keys are registered to an active customer
• Contact customer and advise them that their keys have been found

If the customer doesn’t want to collect the keys or is unable to, or the finder doesn’t want to provide any contact details to the customer then we will arrange for the finder to return the keys to Keycare. We will then forward them on to the customer via 1st class post or courier.


• Keycare will offer locksmith assistance or the customer can use their own
• Keys locked inside car / home covered up to £1,500 limit of indemnity per fob
• Claims settled on a direct billing basis if approved locksmith used


View the policy booklet here.

YC Keycare Bedford Policy 8pp v2

Any Queries Contact Bedford Insurance Keycare on: 0344 557 1204

Bedford Keycare

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