The Friday Five – Home Renovation TV Programmes

The Friday Five – Home Renovation TV Programmes

For those of us who can’t get enough of daytime TV, most have probably seen every home renovation programme out there. So, this week we are looking at our five favourite property makeover shows. The Friday Five will list the shows from our lease favourite to the very best. We all know the simplest of jobs can often turn into a DIY nightmare that our families will never let us live down and it’s a wonder whether the renovations that take place increase any landlord insurance premiums…

5. How Clean is Your House


At number five is “How Clean is Your House”. We have chosen it at number five because even though we are fascinated by what people keep in their house, sometimes it can be quite disgusting. The programme is hosted by Kim and Aggie who set about cleaning the filthy home. Throughout the programme swabs are taken of the dirtiest areas to be taken for testing to reveal what bacteria’s can live in the home.

4. 60 Minute Makeover


This is all about interior design. The huge team of painters and decorators completely change -usually three rooms in a home in only an hour. An interior designer has put together the ideas and a team implement them. There are a range of interior designers featured in the programme including Linda Barker and John Amabile. Some of the jobs are a bit iffy though and one only wonders whether there is a substantial amount of botching involved… maybe they should have called it “Two Hour Makeover”?

3. Changing Rooms


“Changing Rooms” is another interior design programme but this time neighbours swap houses and decorate each other’s under the close supervision of an interior designer. Although this programme is no longer on the air, it was one of our favourites and that’s why it is at number three on our list. There were a couple of disasters on the show which of course makes for better TV but not for the person who’s room has been outrageously decorated.



DIY SOS is a little different from numbers four and three in the list. This is because it isn’t just about interior design, it is about rebuilding the areas of the house that have been accidently destroyed in homeowners attempts to do the renovations themselves. Ouch! The show has been going for over 10 years and still airs today. The show has evolved to the point where they now do bigger renovations often including installing loft conversions or extensions.

1. Extreme Makeover


Extreme Makeover has to be number one on our list because there is no show better at home renovation as they completely tear down the existing home and build a new, much bigger one. This is an American reality TV show and completes home renovations for those who are less fortunate. Amazingly enough none of the renovations are paid for, everything that is put into the house from labour to materials are all donated. The famous tag line “move that bus” means that the house is completely renovated and the chosen family get to see where they get to live.

That was this week’s Friday Five, if you have any ideas for next week’s please get in contact, or if you have had any DIY disasters let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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