The Friday Five – Most Expensive Counties

This week our Friday Five looks at the top five most expensive UK counties to live in. The information is based on a study that was conducted by Obviously the more expensive the property, the more expensive the landlord insurance will be especially if contents insurance is taken out as well. These are all additional costs homeowners should expect to incur and something to consider when deciding on which county to live in.

1. Surrey


The average property in this area will cost around £255,125. This is due to the increased population and the increased job opportunities. As a result, there is a high demand for properties which in turn causes high prices. The area is home to many a celeb including Cheryl Cole, David Attenborough, Ron Dennis, Andy Murray and most recently Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

2. Dorset


Here a property will set you back on average £207,220 in the varied and rugged landscape. There are the chalk downs and the low lying clay valleys as well as three quarters of the coast line which is a world heritage site with many recognisable landforms such as Durdles door. Dorset is also the birth place of Thomas Hardy and the setting to many of his novels.

3. Buckinghamshire


A few years ago Buckinghamshire would have been the second most expensive county to live in but Dorset has just beaten it this year. On average, prices are currently around £198.490. Buckinghamshire will be hosting the London 2012 Olympics rowing events which will see rental prices in the area rocket. This is because international visitors are willing to pay a lot of money for a stay in a prime location for the Olympics.

4. East Sussex


East Sussex is number four in our list of most expensive counties in the UK with a price tag of £196,300. It borders Kent and Surrey and is home to many landmarks and was previously home to the Romans. This county is known for being one of the greenest in the country which is a contributing factor to the average price of a property here.

5. Essex – £178,705


Essex is probably most famous nowadays for the part it plays in the hit reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. From the show we get the impression life is just about fast cars and fancy properties but ranking number five on our list may tell us a different story. There are many landmarks in Essex, making it a great place of interest and it is right on the coast. A property will cost, on average, £178,705.

Who’s fortunate enough to live in these wonderful British Counties?

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