The Friday Five – Top 5 EU Properties For Sale

The Friday Five – Top 5 EU Properties For Sale

In August it was revealed that Italy and Greece were going to put €42 billion worth of property as well as certain national treasures on the market to help pay for the growing EU debt. From castles to islands, those with enough money will be able to grab something truly unique. Good luck getting a property insurance quote for these though, as you’ll likely be paying a fortune! Here are our top five:

5. Orsini Castle



Orsini Castle was originally built in 1470 by the Orsini papal family and was used to protect both the Orsini and Borgia families. It is one of the best maintained castles in Italy housing a cultural events centre as well as a museum. Such a castle will surely demand a very high asking price.

4. Palazzo Bolis Gualdo



The Palazzo Bolis Gualdo is located in the fashion district of Milan and is expected to sell for €31 million. Milan has a further 100 properties listed on the market.

3. Diedo Palace


Diedo Palace, in Venice is being put on the market for €19 million. It used to serve as the criminal justice courts for many years.

1. Corfu


Finally, the real teaser. The Greek government is selling a whopping 500,000 square metres of the island of Corfu. Corfu is said to be the last destination of the mythological Odysseus in his twenty year journey home. The price is yet unknown and will most likely be divided up between investors.

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