The Friday Five – Top Five Disney Homes

This week’s Friday Five needs you to go back to your childhood and remember the Disney stories we all loved, and for some of us, still do! Here at PropertyQuoteDirect we are looking at the top five homes in Disney Movies. Although we are pretty sure none of the characters who lived there have landlord insurance we are sure they could have done with it, surely the three little pigs couldn’t afford to build two brand new homes without any help from an insurance company!

1. UP


First on our list is the house that can fly away with balloons! Although this story is one of the newer Disney creations we felt it had to top the list. The story is a sad one but like any other Disney story always has a happy ending. Carl Fredrickson flies his house like a plane, except it is carried by hundreds of balloons. The film won a Golden Globe Award and received five Academy Award nominations.

2. Beauty and the Beast


[Image Credit – Stephh922]

Second on the list is the castle that Beauty and the Beast lived in. This is because everything that is inside seems to sing and dance! Although this sounds wonderful we are certain that the novelty would wear off but even still, they live in a castle. The film is a love story about a man who is turned into a beast and must fall in love to break the spell, although we are sure you have seen the animation at some point that was just a quick recap. The story was based on the fairy tale La Bella et La Bête.

3. Cinderella’s Castle


This castle obviously had to be in the top five as it is probably the most famous. The castle is the centre feature at the Disney Land theme parks. There are thousands of versions of this story across the world although the names and title change across the different languages.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Number four on our list is the seven dwarfs’ home. This is because a home that can house that many people without any arguments must be a miracle home! Not only that but a complete stranger just walks in and starts tidying up, if only that could happen in real life. The story is based on the fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm and is now a popular pantomime.

5. Tangled


Last on our list is the tower in Tangled. Although Rapunzel didn’t have a choice to live here we think that if we came across a tower for sale we would defiantly consider moving offices! Tangled took six years to produce and cost a predicted $260 million which makes it the most expensive animated film and the second most expensive film ever.

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